Two-headed eagle royal house Millennial dynasty Happsburg family treasure
Greek mythology masterpieces that came from the design of the cameo

Two-headed eagle royal family, Millennial Dynasty, The treasure of the Habsburg family

Two-headed eagle royal house, Millennial dynasty, Happsburg family treasure

The era of Empress Maria · Theresa, Princess Marie · Antoinette, Elisabeth Empress lived.
The works of the Habsburg family throughout the history were the treasures that gathered the technologies of the time. Especially this time we will introduce some of the three-dimensional arts.

The treasure of the Millennial Dynasty Habsburg family

In the medieval Europe, the Habsburgs who produced the king and emperor generously to the Grand Duchy of Austria, the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Spain, is a prestigious one of the best among the European aristocracy, they was said, [the royal family in the royal family].

Empress Maria Theresia, Queen Marie-Antoinette, Emperor Elisabeth

Also, from the Habsburg family there were many queens who left their names in history, such as the Empress of Malia · Theresa, etc, and Marie · Antoinette married to Kingdom of France. Also, they expanded their power by marriage to receive Emperor from other houses.

Rudolph II · Emperor CrownThe royal family first Guards dress uniform Vase made of quartzEmperor's touchstone · pedestal decoration Sculpted shellfish ornamentBaptism pitcher and water basin Quartz  GlassArmor of Rudolph II The shield of Emperor Carl VArmor of the Grand Duke of Maximilian Mary Antoinette statueSoup bowl of Marie Antoinette era Princess Marie Antoinette's storage deskEmperor Franz Joseph and Elisabeth Emperor Princess Elisabeth Golden CupSmall closet collected by Maria Theresia Ivory sculpture medallionPortrait of Leopold I Cameo Empress Maria · Theresia portrait cameoPortrait of Franz I and Maria Theresia cameo Hapsburg family history king, the emperor's portrait cameoEmperor Holy Roman Emperor Otto II Crown
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