in troduction of the great cameo carver, late Carlo Parlati.

The great artist, late Carlo Parlati and his works.

Praise to Mr. Carlo Parlati

We would like to introduce late Mr. Carlo Parlati and his representative works.
We wish to pray for Mr. Carlo and thank the feat that left us wonderful works which remain in the century.
These aew just works of the century. Please see by all means.

Carlo Parlati 1934 to 2003

Mr. Carlo Palati of the past day engraving coral.

Mr.Calro Parlati was a genius artist of the century.
Mr. Carlo Parlati was born in Torre del Greco in southern Italy.

Mr. Carlo's father was already famous as a coral carver, so Mr. Carlo was familiar with the artistic activity of carving since childhood.
After that, he majored in carving at Toray del Greco's Art Academy, brushing up his technical sense, from that time on, he had been more creative and made more individualistic work.

After that, he proceeded to art school in Naples, his talent was not able to fit in the frame of school at that time, opened up his own world.
He was a man who loved classic sculpture art so much, he came to attract a lot of attention by successively producing coral works that fused the classical method with his own modern artistic sensibility.

World has praised him as a "genius of coral carvings"

His works were not limited to coral sculpture,continusing artistic activity including painting, shell cameo carving and engraving, as a genius artist of the century Born in Italy, he has brought about a great sensation in the world.

As he became famous, he became strongly appealing for "peace", "harmony with nature" and "appreciation for his hometown" in his works.That's because he felt himself wondering how his beloved motherland Italy was exhausted during World War II, devastated people's heart and broke culture.

He was recognized for many years of artistic activity, philosophy, and many original works, he was awarded as an honorary citizen from Torre del Greco City. He led shell cameo town, Torre del Greco renowned worldwide, and his enthusiastic supporters had increased not only in Europe but also in Japan and the United States.

After that, he held a solo exhibition in each country and was also a great success, and he is also appointed as a special ambassador of Italy.
Mr. Carlo's reputation as an artist was extremely there, and his work was awarded exactly as the highest peak of modern art.

His work sharply increased and it wa high.
However, Mr. Carlo was quite calm even if his work was traded at a high price.
He loved his work more than anyone and decided the value of the work in his own mind, not from anyone.
And even after we gained fame and became wealthy, his philosophy of unique works and peace, harmony with nature, thanks to hometown did not shake.

And Mr. Carlo past away in 2003.
Left the world of Carlo Parlati in posterity, which does not resemble anything.

His art was loved all over the world.
And he and his work will continue to be loved from now on.

I appreciate the great artist Carlo Parlati from the bottom of my heart and thank you for being able to introduce the heritage here.

For the publication of Mr.Carlo's heritage, Mr. Carlo's family gave us a permission for special cooperation and publication. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Report when Sennen Jewelry Manger visited Late Mr.Carlo Parlati's home.

Mr. Carlo's inhabitant is in a quiet place slightly away from the city of Torre del Greco.
This is the parents' home of Patrizia Parlati, who is daughter of late Mr.Carlo Parlati and also wonderful cameo carver.
(NOw Patrizia Parlati is not living here.)
We Sennen Jewelry has been selling Patrizia Parlati's cameo, so we think it is so important to know the root of her cameo. I mean, that is the Mr.Carlo Palrati.

Carlo's wife and Sennen Jewelry Manager

At home of late Mr.Carlo, with his wife and Mr.Carlo's work.

Now she manages Mr.Carlo's work and home.

This work between two people is the one which has a crowns of pure gold on bronze, around which the cameo carvings with coral, Turkey, shell etc, is fitted around the whole circumference for each motif.

Relief marble in Mr. Carlo's workshop room

This is relief in Mr. Carlo 's workshop room.

It is made of marble and carved out a single board rather than a small piece.

Mr.Carlo's work desk

This is the production desk of Mr. Carlo and it is preserved as it was then.

At that time, when he was making cameos and the like here, he was decorating the flowers and making it while listening to music.

Every morning, it was his wife's job to decorate the flowers.

Because Mr. Carlo would be in trouble if there were no glasses when he came back, glasses are still left at that time.

Art works of Mr.Carlo Parlati in his home

Carlo's home has a lot of paintings decorated

All that is left is Mr. Carlo's work.

A bronze statue mapping a horse with a motif

This is a bronze statue mapping a horse with a motif "Season of Life".


Many of the paintings are based on life and the universe, and we are overwhelmed by their scale, color usage and power.

I can only breathe in spite of my voice.

Works of Carllo Parlati made mainly of pure gold and natural coral Carlo Palurati carving out with inspiration alone was said to be a genius artist of the century

All works from here are saved in a special safe in the basement.

The whole room is like a safe, it is a very special room with air conditioning, protected by electronic locking mechanism.

Incidentally, there are only two Japanese, including myself, that I could get into this room.
Since there are unpublished works as well, it will be a valuable report.

All the materials are made mainly of pure gold and natural coral, and the value is immeasurable because there are also many large-scale works.

All other materials are also using natural ones.
(Pearl, Turquoise, Malachite, Crystal, Ebony etc.)

Because these works are carved out only by their own inspiration, I am convinced why they were said to be genius artists of the century.

Mr. Carlo was an unconventional writer who engraved the material suddenly without marking painting after drawing on the material.

Having  lunch together, the story of art and Mr. Carlo continues

Having lunch together, continues a story of art and Mr. Carlo.
Italian food is also familiar to Japanese people, is not it?

As the white wine goes forward, the story of his wife went on and we had a talk about various things in the past.

Since Mr. Carlo had held a solo exhibition all over the world, memorable stories across countries were very interesting.

Mr. Carlo had called her wife five times a day when he'd travel abroad on a solo exhibition.
It was famous for his loving wife.

And she always told me that "Mr. Carlo's priority will be handled by SENNEN JEWELRY."

When we deal with Mr. Carlo's remaining work will be a promised deal with many profits.

Perhaps his wife approved us with the idea of SENNEN JEWELRY POLICY, I think.

But I do not feel to do so.
Mr. Carlo is no longer there.
It is a great honor to be able to deal with his work, but there are few works remaining then, so I cannot buy up by my policy.

I would like to do my best to introduce Mrs. Patricia who inherits Carlo 's style and the world of new art.

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