INTRODUCTION of Cameo and Star Ruby specialty shop, SENNEN JEWELRY

【INTRODUCTION of Cameo and Star Ruby specialty store SENNEN JEWELRY】

Company name (trade name) SENNEN JEWELRY joint-stock company
IntroductionCameo and Star Ruby 's jewelry specialty shop boasting the world' s largest handling volume.
We sell overwhelming high quality cameo works at a conscience price and are updating new products almost every day.
AddressPostal code 400-0045 51-10 Ushiroya-cho, kofu-shi, Yamanashi-ken, Japan.
Phone+81 055 243 5582
Sales manager Seiya Koike
Business hours AM9:00 to PM6:00
Business contents

Import and processing and selling cameo, and
Importing jewelry and processing and selling precious metal jewelry.

Only works selected carefully from the world carvers are introduced directly to us.
So we have achieved overwhelming high quality and surprising low price.
We have German agate cameo or stone cameo, Italian shell cameo, all kinds of cameo from all over the world.
It is one of the largest in the world in terms of quantity and quality of its cameo.

SENNEN JEWELRY has a workshop which can process jewelry.
It mainly produces high quality cameo products and high class jewelry.
(We do not have stores or showrooms for general customers.)

For inquiries and requests about products and purchase, please e - mail to the following address.
Please feel free to contact us.
If you have any questions about ordering from the Internet, please contact us directly at 055-243-5582.

【About the features of SENNEN JEWELRY and CAMEO】


Manager Seiya Koike

Hello, I am Seiya Koike, Manager of SENNEN JEWELRY.

I would like to talk about the origin of the name of the store called SENNEN JEWELRY.

「The value will not change even after a thousand years」, SENNEN means a thousand years in Japanese. I had established this company to introduce jewelry to customers with this motto.

It is known that especially Japanases like Cameo even in the world. Stone cameo and Shell cameo are mainly popular in Japan.

However, in Japan retail shops, except for some specialty shops, there are no shops with certain knowledge and experience with cameo. Also, I think that it was a very difficult item to collect such as when it was far away. In addition, some exhibitions and others are sold at exorbitant prices, and more and more people have become distant from general customers.

I thought that I would like to open a store that everyone interested in cameo can shop them with trust and confidence.

The management policy is "Intorduce the products of carefully selected quality with correct value".
I'm thinking that I would like to be a store where you can believe that "SENNEN JEWELRY can be trusted"

I think that it is very wonderful to acknowledge many of the top level carvers famous in the world for such management policy and to introduce the work to everyone.

Also, we expect that SENNEN JEWELRY will open a new world of cameo from many carvers.I will do my best with all my efforts so that I can answer that expectation.

Cameo conveying Western art with history and long tradition to the present, quietly talking about that romance.
Please enjoy the charm and beauty with SENNEN JEWELRY by all means.

【About Star Ruby】

Rare jewelry Star Ruby.In the past I have treated Star Ruby expertly.

We have local connections with deep ties. We carefully select Star Ruby ourselves and we will stock the materials on site. And we are doing design, product processing, sales.
Therefore, thorough quality control and cost control are enabled.

Please have a look at the fascinating Jewelry Star Ruby.

Picture of manager and cameo carvers
shipping information
paymenthow to payment

You can pay by bank transfer or Rakuten Pay
You can use credit cards UFJ · Master · VISA · AMEX · JCB.
We will ship after confirming payment with all items prepaid.
Please pay the above-mentioned fee related to payment at customer's expense.
After ordering, customers who wish to make a bank transfer, please transfer to the designated account within two weeks. Cancellation treatment will be done when the payment due date passes two weeks.

About privacy protection
We deal with your personal information strictly and treats it according to the Personal Information Protection Law.

For data transmission related to personal information, SSL which is encrypted communication is used for security.

We will not disclose personal information to third parties, but we do not limit it if it falls under the following cases.
When requested by a court or a public agency such as police based on laws and ordinances.
The life, body, property of a customer or a third party may be damaged, and the consent of the person can not be obtained. etc

Enjoy safe and secure internet shopping with SENNEN JEWELRY.


abaout freight free serivce

Basically we use EMS for dispatch to areas other than Japan.
I will e-mail the payment amount including the shipping fee by replying after ordering.

We will deliver it by EMS former payment.
EMS is safe with damages and cargo tracking service.
Usually we will ship within 2 business days after confirming payment from customer.
But when sizing, frame processing etc. are included in the order, the shipping time will be notified by reply e-mail after each order.


Business hours 10:00~18:00


Return / Exchange

Returned or exchanged for customer convenience is unopened or unused It will be within 3 days from the item arrival date, or within 7 days from the order date.
For dealings past either of the above deadlines, we can not accept returns or exchanges.

In addition, original goods according to customer's request, jewelry to produce after receipt of order, And those processed and repaired frame of cameo (including during processing) Due to the nature of the product, we can not accept returns or exchanges regardless of reason.

Also, regarding the items ordered during our sale, due to the nature of the sales period We can not accept returns / exchanges regardless of reason.

Also, from the viewpoint of maintaining quality and guaranteeing authenticity for all jewelry using diamonds We can not accept any returns or exchanges after delivery.
Please understand beforehand about the above before placing an order.

Regarding returned goods, Please readhere.

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