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About Cospedia Wig

Japan has the great cultures of anime (animations), manga (comic books) and gemu (video games) which people from all over the world can't stop loving.
We are very proud to have the opportunity to introduce our cosplay (costume play) wigs on this web site.
Our company has a long history and tradition as specialty wig makers, and we handcraft wigs for cosplay that faithfully reproduce popular characters.
Please check us out and add distinction to your cosplay with our extremely super high quality wigs.

Character Wigs

Our beauticians supervise and style each wig beautifully. All you have to do is put it on and you can transform yourself into the character right away.

Other Wigs
From Production to Shipment

We, Janet, handcraft each wig one by one in our studio in Japan according to each individual customer order.

1Order 2 3
Place an Order. We start the production from a base cap made beforehand. Setting the style with a hair iron and a comb.
We only accept credit cards as payment.

You will receive an automated reply in Japanese when you place your order.
However, within three days we will also send you an official confirmation in English.
Please watch your email for the English confirmation.
4 5 6Sending...
Cutting the hair with thinning scissors or a razor, and fixing length and volume of hair. Finishing with hair spray and a dryer.
Only our expert, qualified beauticians do the job.
Your wig is finished. We will put it in a white box and mail it.
Arribal 0MinSpecial Instructions 1Min
7 8
Packed and shipped very carefully. Please take the wig out from the plastic bag very carefully because it might collapse easily if you handle roughly.
9Putting On the Wig2Min 10You Are Ready to Go! 3Min
Regardless of the length of your hair, we suggest wearing a wig net when wearing your wig. A wig net is provided with each wig purchase. After putting on the net, gently pull on the wig from front to back. Use the elastic hooks on the inside of the wig (near the nape of the neck) to adjust the fit of the wig. For curly wigs simply use your fingertips to style. For straight wigs use a wig brush or a wide tooth comb to style the wig and then you are ready to go!
Material WigsArrangeable Wigs)

These are very easy to style and restyle as youd like. They have natural layers and waves that frame the face so you can wear it as shown. You can also curl, cut and style as much as you like to make your own original style.
Select from various colors and styles. You can arrange them however you want.

Arranged Sample

You can style your wig as shown below. The ends of our wig hair are less bulky than other wigs so it is easy for cosplay beginners to cut and arrange.

Processing Example
Processing Example
This wig is made with short hair "aqua marine blue."
Shopping guide
A company profile
Company Name Janet.co.,ltd.
Office Address sankaido Building 5 Floor 1-9-13 akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
Phone t: +81 3 5114 0666(Japanese Only)
Mail Address rakuten@janet-wig.com
Website http://www.rakuten.ne.jp/gold/jeannette/index.html

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