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Consumption Tax
The overseas customer does not have to pay Japanese Consumption Tax.
We always deduct Consumption Tax from the total amount of shopping.
You can get the item price(excluding consumption tax) by the following calculating formula.

When the tax is 5%. (Till March 31 2014)
   Price(tax incl.) / 1.05 = The item price(excluding consumption tax)      

When the tax is 8%. (From April 1 2014 till March 31 2014)
   Price(tax incl.) / 1.08 = The item price(excluding consumption tax)

After placing the order, we send you e-mail for confirmation. Please confirm your order information ( shipping address, your payment method, amount, international shipping fee and so on) by this e-mail. At the same time, we prepare to ship your parcel immediately.(We try to ship the parcel as soon as possible.) Please contact us as soon as possible before our shipping, if you have inquiry or request. We recommend you to place an order after inquiring or requesting to us and receiving reply from us.

We ship the parcel to overseas customer by EMS. We do not use Rakuten International Small Packet. Because Rakuten International Small Packet does not have compensation when there is an accident.

EMS has a reparations system for loss, a theft, and damage.
The compensation to the price of contents items up to \20000JPY is included in the EMS charge.
When the price of contents items exceeds \20000 JPY, we recommend you to pay more insured value according to the price of contents items.
We cannot pay responsibility about the accident in the delivery to overseas.
When the price of contents items exceeds \20000JPY, \50JPY premium (additional charge) is needed every \20000JPY.
When the customer ordered exceeds 20000JPY, we recommend this premium.
Please fill in a remarks column when the customer requests this to us.

Thank you very much for the kind understanding.

Calculated tables for postage of EMS
Calculated tables for postage of EMS is as follows.

Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
0-300grams \900 \1,200 \1,500 \1,700
301-500grams \1,100 \1,500 \1,800 \2,100
501-600grams \1,240 \1,680 \2,000 \2,440
601-700grams \1,380 \1,860 \2,200 \2,780
701-800grams \1,520 \2,040 \2,400 \3,120
801-900grams \1,660 \2,220 \2,600 \3,460
901-1000grams \1,800 \2,400 \2,800 \3,800
1001-1250grams \2100 \2,800 \3,250 \4,600
1251-1500grams \2,400 \3,200 \3,700 \5,400
1501-1750grams \2,700 \3,600 \4,150 \6,200
1751-2000grams \3,000 \4,000 \4,600 \7,000
2000-2500grams \3,500 \4,700 \5,400 \8,500
2501-3000grams \4,000 \5,400 \6,200 \10,000

Save more in the shipping fee!
If the customer wants, we hold the delivery for one month till the instruction.
Meanwhile, you can make orders repeatedly and the shipping fee becomes cheaper.

Please put the instruction of holding the delivery into remarks column at the ordering.
We hold the delivery, consolidate all your items into one parcel and ship all items together.

If the customer request us by e-mail, we may be unable to correspond to the request. E-mail may not be stably delivered between us. Because e-mail system is not established service than we expected.

*Please pay by same credit card when you request to combine orders into one package.
If you use two or more credit cards for ordering, we cannot combine your orders into one.
We can only combine orders of same credit card.

*The tenth and the 25th every month is cutoff date of the credit card.
We charge credit card on these days, when we hold the shipment for the customer.
And we cannot accept the cancellation and the exchange.

*If the Storage period becomes long-term(e.g. more than 6 months), you have to pay storage fee, \500JPY per a month for each order.

* The e-mail automatically sent from the Rakuten Ichiba server is not correct.
Because it includes consumption tax and does not include shipping fee.

* We deduct consumption tax from the total amount and add shipping fee to it, after we receive the order from overseas.

* After we deduct consumption tax and add shipping fee, you will receive the e-mail automatically sent from the Rakuten. This e-mail informs you about change of your order detail.

* After we deduct consumption tax and add shipping fee, we always authorize customer's credit card. For example, when the customer requests us to combine two or more orders into one, we have to authorize credit card again.
If you receive information of transaction by the card center's sms, please do not worry about it.
We have to authorize the credit card at this case. We never charge your credit card before shipment.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Please enjoy shopping at HONEY BUNNY.


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