Just think of how pyramids were constructed in ancient Egypt. The pyramids of Ginga Kobo Toys aren't constructed with physical strength but with mental strength. A leverage of inspired mental capacities.

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Kitty Pyramid

Bunny Pyramid

Animal Pyramid A 

Animal Pyramid B

Name each beautiful carved animal! Let them lead you into world of fantasy.
Step into the enchanted world of animal puzzles! So delicate and refined! Reaching beyond all generations, fascinating for all ages.
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Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

Bunny Jigsaw Puzzle

Animals are puzzled into animals. One animal becomes many. Piece by piece, each animal fits into the other, one by one they shift about until one large animal magically appears.The assembled puzzle is sturdy, it will endure time.These puzzles are easy and fun for kids of all ages. Simple animal forms challenge the mind and soul.

------4 year old girl------
Each little animal becomes a player in the make believe world of a child. Nourishing a wild stampeding imagination this puzzle provides the essential elements for a child's development; finger dexterity, hand dexterity, three dimensional understanding, balance and equilibrium refinement, a sense of accomplishment, artistic perception and inspired imagination. The sunshine which nourished the tree now warms the hearts of the children who play with the toys the beloved tree has become. Plastic toys will never have that sunshine in them. Wooden toys make one feel whole. Stepping from childhood to adulthood, one will remember the warmth and solidity of a wooden toy. Fundamental understandings and inner strength will prevail. These sculptural animals inspire the right brain. Made of beech, a rather dense wood, these wooden animals are beautiful just standing by themselves. Charming clever designs fill a room with the wonders of nature. Behold a fierce, jagged rough-skinned Rhino caught in a meditative gaze. Each piece has it's own world of fantasy, a make-believe world which is so important to the growth of a child. And why not play with your child? Those precious moments of playing together will always be cherished . The warmth and soft touch of wood which has been loved by the sun will nourish both of you. Such simple toys inspire an understanding of sculptural dimensions, create a secure sense of balance and finally reassure feelings of achievement. Toys test the dexterity of little hands and fingers . Such a simple little toy will create a strength, a primal power, which later will become a force to inspire self-assurance and inner confidence.

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So much is involved in the creation of a toy. From beginning to end lots of energy and inspiration goes into each stage of production. The wood, paint, craftsmanship, and design are of primary importance. Every point is carefully monitored. Daily problems are overcome, toys take precedence. Each and everyday creating toys is our mission. Our dream is to create toys which will support a mountain of laughter and joy.

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