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About the condition of the items

The detailed product descriptions can be found on the items page.
However, there might be some description that is hard to understand because of the automatic translation.
Here are some common descriptions which might be helpful for you.
A product state:Used uncivilized seal(商品状態:中古 未開封)
means that this product is a second hand stuff that the package is still be sealed as original.

This item is not the thing which purchased from manufacturers.
We bought the item which other person purchased once.
So it is written as "used" for convenience sake, but the status is still unopened (MISB).
It means the previous owner did not open the box.

A product state: It has been opened medieval times(商品状態:開封)
This item is also not the thing which purchased from manufacturers.
We bought the item which other person purchased once.
Unlike the item unopend, previous owner might have opend and take the item out of the package.
Please refer to the description that our specialized staff inspect the items closely and describe condition of the items.

Here are some common descriptions about the box.
Because cabinets include threads, approve it beforehand.
Because cabinets include a thread, a wound, a dirt, approve it beforehand.

means that there are some kind of damages on the outer box (original package).
The words for describe the condition of figure and box.
スレ[sure] thread -- scratch / scrape
ヤブレ/破れ[yabure]torn / tear
タワミ[tawami]deflection / flexure
キズ[kizu] wound--damage
イロアセ[iro-ase]fade in color
イロウツリ/色移り[iro-utsuri]color migration -- color staining / color shift
ヤケ[yake] desperation--discoloration
We indicate on the item's page with the image of damages or problems only if there are the defects.
So, if the item is not mentioned any of those, it means that there are not any damages with it.

Regarding "light, small damages", please note that there might be the case of not appear in the photograph because of lights or anything.

Here are some descriptions about limited merchandise
HJ limited - The item can be purchased only at the Hobby Japan(magazine)
WF limited - The item can be purchased only at the Wonder Festival(event) in Japan
ほびちゃlimited (Hobby Channel) limited
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